it comes together!
January 23, 2008, 12:50 am
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so after installing the bearings on the crank, i had mike mike take the big case half to his shop and press the crank in.

tonight i pressed the other half on, but i don’t think the crank is completely seated proper.. we’re going to take it to his shop again and make sure it’s pressed in completely. you can see the bit of gap that worries me here;

it should go the rest pretty easily.

i bolted the 13mm intake on (a custom 19mm one is in the works) to keep the reed block from getting messed up kicking around my room, and so that i wouldn’t loose the bolts or anything.
besides, it looks cool!

now i need to finish filing the ports out on the pinasco, polish up the exhaust shoot and bolt the rest together!

it’s coming together! once i have the motor all bolted together in one piece, i can stick it in the frame and figure out the clearance i’ll have for the custom intake. and mike mike can machine the parts for the sweet cdi, and i can order the carb and pipe, the motor will be ready to go!

also, i ordered the stem, bar ends and pedals the other day, and tonight i ordered the bars and the headlight.
the cdi will not have a lighting coil, so i’m going battery powered.
i was lucky to find a niterider minewt.x2 set up for way cheaper than i should have! this is rad, because it’s small, way brighter than your moped’s headlight, and i can transfer it over to my road bikes super quick style when i get unlazy and seattle gets uncrappy out!

ok, that’s it for this update! i have decided to go with paint rather than powder coating the frame and wheels. powder coating would have been tricky with the paint scheme, and it’s probably going to cost a lot less to paint, even if i go pro, but i might just do it in my garage.
it should look rad when it’s done.


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looking good man. Just wondering if you variated the ciao already. I’m in the process of trying to find a variated trans right now, its not fun

Comment by Mike

thanks! this will be my second variated ciao, the first being orange ciao that i transfered all the bits and pieces over to after i broke my bravo frame.

Comment by terrydean

Terry, are you sure you mounted the crank correctly?

You have to put on the special nut on the crankshaft’s thread and hit it (slightly) with a hammer to set it 100% straight so it is positioned properly in between the both halfs!

I had trouble with this crank also, the crank did not go into both halfs properly. It took another try and perfect!

Comment by Frederick

hi fred! yeah, it’s installed correctly (how could someone mess it up? haha). i think i need to do like what you said, give it some smacks with a hammer and seat it proper and then i’ll be good.

Comment by terrydean

you got any counter variators or whole trans you don’t need terry 🙂

Comment by Mike

heh, sorry man. i’ve only got the two right now, both are being used. 😦

Comment by terrydean

I love it when a plan comes together!

Comment by Responsible Jon

as the quest continues found a trans but no counter variator :*(

Comment by Mike

This is an old blog I know, didn’t find any contact info.
But, do you remember if you put the shim behind the crank bearings? The crank itself have a flange, thoght maybe thoose will act as shim.. I havent managed to get my halfs to even assemble tight, if I tighten it, then the crank won’t move.

Please send me an E.mail


Comment by Manne

hopefully this comment makes it to your email, i don’t see your address anywhere to send an actual email.
anyway, no shims on the malossi crank in the malossi cases.

Comment by terrydean

Thanks for your reply, it did reach my e-mail 🙂
Then I’ll have to reassemble the bearing *DOH*

Comment by Manne

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