oh man
September 22, 2008, 10:15 pm
Filed under: clutch, fail!, kit, performance

the stock clutch springs made all the difference! i was easy on the throttle and the thing was still ripping tonight! i have the jetting pretty close at 96 main and 50 idle, my 7 needle is one down from the top (three up). i think i might go with a 97 or 98 main, though.. it’s not lean, but it could be a little more rich for a new kit.
ps, this moped vibrates the shit out of my ass!

however, with all that good news comes the bad news. i fouled out at a light and while checking the plug i noticed the motor was pretty hot.. i turn the crank over with the variator and noticed the fan didn’t turn with it. FAN BROKE AGAIN! GAH!

i haven’t had a chance to pull it a part to see what’s going on, but hey, my new spacer kept the fan from taking out my coils! yay!
while i have it apart i think i’ll pull the top end apart and just give it a look. it didn’t seize on me, but i want to make sure it didn’t take any heat damage or anything.
if i get extra brave, maybe i’ll start on a little porting on it.. but i dunno, i think i should hold off till after the rally.



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You have found out one of the other drawbacks behind polyethelene plastic, in addition to being almost impossible to glue, it doesn’t take heat well. Polyethelene is only two shades above parafin wax, it is really a form of petroleum wax, so it melts and burns in a similar fashion. That flange idea was good, what should have gone along with it was maybe some screws through the fan and into the flange. Maybe now is the time to take a look around the scrap metal yards and lawnmower shops for an aluminum flywheel, of similar size, from a junk piece of power equipment. You could then shave it down and adapt it to the ciao engine.

Comment by Arran

hey arran! yeah, i discovered the glue and heat thing the hard way. and it’s funny you mention fasteners, the new fan is going to be pop-riveted on! haha. i’m hoping the rivets will be flat enough to clear my coils. i am leaving right now to go lathe out my new fan and go to town with the rivet gun. hope it works..

Comment by terrydean

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