pinasco 46mm port map
May 16, 2009, 3:01 pm
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well, firstly, the 2nd race went really well. i chopped two seconds off my lap time, and while i placed 6th in both races, i was faster and rode much better than the first race and i’m stoked on that!
if you want to read a better write up, check out the hry website. it’s still being worked on a lot, so it doesn’t really look all that great, but there’s rad photos and stuff over there.

on to ciaociao.
i decided to start playing with the porting in my pinasco. i haven’t really jumped into hacking at it just yet, but cuffs and i made a port map of it and did some measurements and i think i have a plan.

my map only shows one of the transfer ports because i’m going to focus on the exhaust port for now.
i’ve always known the exhaust port in this kit was pretty weak, so i’m going to be opening it up some and probably lifting the whole cylinder a bit and mill the difference off the top.

i’m still trying to work out what i’m going to do exactly, and the next race is coming up pretty quick so i gotta get on it. once the math is over and i start milling and hacking at it i’ll be sure to get a bunch of pictures for yous guys.

until then!


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Hi dude,just came across your website by chance recently ,and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your exploits about making your ciao go faster.I have also spent a s**tload of money recently making my beloved ciao go as good as it looks.I am from Scotland,but grew up in France,and a ciao was the first bike I ever owned.I aquired one a couple of years ago,and have spent a ridiculous amount of money making it look fantastic,with over £400 [$600]of chrome,a gulf oil paint job.I decided that a standard engine did not justify the rest of the bike,so have recently spent 400euros on a polini watercooled kit from Italy[still in the original box],polini speedengine cases,race crank,13mm carb,and a proma circuit exhaust.I’m still running a standard clutch[malossi springs] and 80mm pulley,and was considering going to a variator system. I have the correct gearbox/hub,but would like any advise you could give me,as to which are the best parts to assemble.
I have to say,that yours is probably the nicest ciao i have discovered on the web,and you have given me a lot of inspiration for my next ciao project [should there be one!]I think what you are doing with these lovely ciao motors is nothing short of astonishing!
anyway,my ciao is nowhere near as technically sorted as yours,but still packs a punch,pulls awesome wheelies,and never fails to pull a crowd when parked up.My holiday this year is going to the Isle of Man for the TT,the ciao is coming,and i intend to take it on the Ramsey sprint.
So,my name is Tom,i live in London,i work as a breakdown mechanic,i am 42,and i love ciaos[i’ve got 3]Likin’ ur website,will forward photos of my bike,if you get back to me,look forward to hearing from you,cheers!

Comment by Tom Auld

hey tom! thanks for all the kind words! i would love to check out your ciao! you can send me an email at, i’ll put your photos up on here for the next guy who comes along to check out!

as for your question about variator options, i say go with the polini – all the way. i had a lot of trouble with the malossi variator (it’s all documented in here somewhere) and the polini variator seems to be better built in every way.

i’m not sure if you’ll see this reply, it’s kinda deep in my blog and i don’t know if it’ll email you or whatever to let you know that i responded, and you didn’t leave an email.. so if i don’t hear back from you in a day or so i may copy paste your comment into a post along with this response in hopes that you’ll see it!

Comment by terrydean

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