July 12, 2010, 8:55 pm
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got the stupid $15 piece i needed to put ciao back on the road! that dumb pulley back!

still need to address the collapsed rear spring.. only one of the coils still functions. i ran it last race like this and it did ok, i just had to lighten up the weights a lot.

there being only one coil of the spring actually functioning, the rear pulley likes to bounce. it’s hard to explain in text, but the same thing will happen with a french bike if you have the spring too soft.. the weights will cause it to variate quick, then the spring will push back and you’ll have your motor bouncing on the spring. on a french bike the belt can come off when that happens, on a dual variated bike it’s mostly just annoying. still usable, though!

man, it’s weird to be back on the ciao. i’m not used to it anymore at all!
i swapped out the drag bars for some bmx lookin things that rafter gave me. i had to weld about a half inch to the ends to make them wide enough for my grips, but that wasn’t a big deal. not sure how i like them. more comfy, for sure, but dunno if i dig the look.

those forks have always bothered me, too. they are too long. digging through the pile of trashed forks, i found an old set of ebrs that clamp the fork tubes up top and bottom, like the more expensive ebrs do. the forks are trashed, but the top plate appears to be good! except the chrome is rotten as hell, but whatever, i’ll just sandblast it.

i’m sure it’ll look stupid with the fork tubes sticking out the top, but whatever, i’ll work it out in the end.

anyway, more later! i’m going to build a battery box/license plate holder/tail light thingy here pretty soon! it’s gunna be neat!


forky forkerson
August 21, 2009, 5:28 pm
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some pics of what’s been going on! i installed the ebr forks on ciaociao and they are much stiffer than the bouncy ball bravo forks i’m replacing. those bravo forks were great when the seals were good, but they blew out and now they are horrible. these new ebrs should be rad for now.
all torn apart and in rafter’s way, making him grumpy.

when i converted my front wheel to sealed bearings i went to a much larger axle than stock, so i had to dremel out the dropouts on the forks to fit.

when i had the fork off i noticed my bottom bearing cup was way loose in the frame. i was worried the frame was ovalized, but it turns out the cup was bad. nate found me a replacement and now everything’s better.

now that the forks are on, i’m presented with a few new problems. the brake plate i modified to work with the ciao/bravo forks won’t work with these forks, so i’m going to have to get clever there again. also, these ciao ebrs don’t come with any way to attach the bars to them. ebr assumes you’ll be using your stock parts with their forks, and as you may or may not know, stock ciaos have quill stem style bars. i have a couple pair of clip-ons, i’m thinking about throwing a pair on to try them out and see if i hate them, but i think i will.. so i’ll probably end up drilling four holes in the top tripple tree plate and using the bravo fork’s u-bolts and riser thingys like i was running on the old forks. we’ll see.

i’ve also did some variator mods, but i’ll save that for next time. i need to go get some work done. later taters.

rally read?
July 16, 2008, 1:35 am
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well, it’s crunch time again. i decided it was time to prioritize what i had left to do for ciaocioa to finish her. i decided the most important, at the top of the list thing that needs to happen, is to get the electronic system and the intake finished. these are things that absolutely need to happen before she’s on the road.
last sunday i went down to mikemike’s and did some work on the mill to make the stator plate we are using fit. all i really had to do was drill some holes in it, and mill it down to be half as thick as it was. then we had to turn the inner hole out a bit larger to clear the bearing seal and it was golden.
here it is sitting in the motor.

notice all the extra holes everywhere. this plate originally went to something else, we used it because it took little to make it fit proper. we’ll only be using the three holes that bolt the plate to the motor, the rest will go unused.
here it is with the rotor and coil set on it something like it will be when it’s all mounted up proper.

you can see how small the rotor is. the little holes in it will be drilled out a bit more and tapped for the alum fan adapter plate to bolt on, which will allow use of the plastic fan i stole from a parted out kinetic.
i hope this weekend to go in and bust out the intake for it. i’ll be using the dellorto si carb to start with.

it uses crazy car-carb-like press-in jets, but they are readily available at pretty much any serious scooter shop. i can also order up what ever i need at the shop, so that’s good.
these carbs are found stock on the old, bigger vespa scooters, so there’s a bit of novelty using it on my vespa ciao.
i chose it for a few reasons; flat slide, down draft (makes building an intake much easier), novelty, availability of jets and parts, and best of all, it was free! thanks jeb!
ok, so those are the things i am going to focus on until they are done.
however, a running engine is no good if you don’t have a bike to put it in..
since my time at mikemike’s shop is reserved for those two bits for now, i’m going to put off the fork swing arms until i get them done.
even if i had the swing arms done, i’d still have to lathe out the stem adapter before i could use that for.. so for now i am going to just use the heavier bravo forks that i was rocking on the orange ciao for so long. i’m also using orange ciao’s handle bars, controls and grips.
tonight i bolted the fork on and threw a too-small axle in the front wheel just to put everything together to see how it looked, and it’s going to be awesome. i forgot my camera here today, so no pictures. i’ll get some tomorrow.

June 3, 2008, 4:16 pm
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well, the front wheel is done. made the spacers, drilled the brake plate and installed bearings. i have pictures, but you have to wait. i got all moved into the new place, and my camera upload crap is there.. problem is i won’t have internet till next thursday. lame.
mikemike got some work done on the intake while i was doing the wheel. looong way to go on that!
i ordered the stem i’ll be using (not the one i posted before) and have decided to use these downhill mtn bike handle bars i’ve had laying around for a while.
what else?
i will be running the stock 30 year old 2.5 pirelli tires for the portland rally, so i don’t need tires and tubes yet. the performance won’t be that great, but this is mostly a break in rally anyway. break in/test out mikemike’s crazy stuff rally.
things i do need to buy are;

  • petcock
  • fuel line
  • fuel filter
  • grips
  • random bolts

and i think that’s pretty much it! i have cables for it already. that other stuff i have in stock at the shop, i think.. i just need to buy it.
ok. next post will have some pictures.

February 8, 2008, 7:09 pm
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so, as i said, i got the bars, but i don’t know that they are what i’m wanting. i might keep shopping around.

they are higher rise and wider in the clamping area than i though they would be. they are wider than i like too, and because the bends are so close to the ends, i can’t really cut any off.
they were cheap, and mikemike can weld aluminum, so i might try cutting a section out of the middle and welding them back together. but that would probably be kind of tricky.
bars are frustrating.

yay, handlebars!; a dean’s tale
February 8, 2008, 12:56 pm
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i walked down to 1100 nw 52nd today on my lunch and rang the door bell. dude comes out and is super energetic. i told him i accidentally had a package shipped to this address and it should have arrived some time last week, and he got all big-eyed and said “were they bike parts? i think i threw them away!”
i was all bummed, and he said “let’s go see!” and started to walk to the street, then suddenly turned around and went back inside and came back out with the box.
“they were to be thrown out today! i called ups back and they told me it was probably fraud (??) and that i should just throw the box away. i tried looking you up in the phone book, and then the internet, and i could only find a terry cain in reno!”
we laughed. we cried. we made out in the alley. i got my bars!

February 8, 2008, 1:30 am
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so when i ordered my bars, i had them sent to 1100 nw 52nd st, instead of 1100 nw 50th st.
they were delivered like a week ago! fuck! i’m going to go by there tomorrow and see if they still have them.
oops? 😦