ciao updates!
November 3, 2013, 4:05 pm
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i did a three parter update about old ciaociao over on did a bunch of maintenance work and a few little things that i’ve been meaning to do for years but never had. go check it out! and stay tuned over there for more ciaociao!


July 12, 2010, 8:55 pm
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got the stupid $15 piece i needed to put ciao back on the road! that dumb pulley back!

still need to address the collapsed rear spring.. only one of the coils still functions. i ran it last race like this and it did ok, i just had to lighten up the weights a lot.

there being only one coil of the spring actually functioning, the rear pulley likes to bounce. it’s hard to explain in text, but the same thing will happen with a french bike if you have the spring too soft.. the weights will cause it to variate quick, then the spring will push back and you’ll have your motor bouncing on the spring. on a french bike the belt can come off when that happens, on a dual variated bike it’s mostly just annoying. still usable, though!

man, it’s weird to be back on the ciao. i’m not used to it anymore at all!
i swapped out the drag bars for some bmx lookin things that rafter gave me. i had to weld about a half inch to the ends to make them wide enough for my grips, but that wasn’t a big deal. not sure how i like them. more comfy, for sure, but dunno if i dig the look.

those forks have always bothered me, too. they are too long. digging through the pile of trashed forks, i found an old set of ebrs that clamp the fork tubes up top and bottom, like the more expensive ebrs do. the forks are trashed, but the top plate appears to be good! except the chrome is rotten as hell, but whatever, i’ll just sandblast it.

i’m sure it’ll look stupid with the fork tubes sticking out the top, but whatever, i’ll work it out in the end.

anyway, more later! i’m going to build a battery box/license plate holder/tail light thingy here pretty soon! it’s gunna be neat!

draw on ciaociao!
March 19, 2009, 3:41 pm
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i’m busting my butt trying to get ciaociao v2.0 to the la rally, but i’ve seem to misplaced a box of crucial parts.. i’m sure it will turn up, i just hope it does soon. like today.
i’m not going to have the bike painted before the rally, but i was able to put a couple coats of brown primer on it. it looks like ass, the brown primer with the blue and green bits really looks silly, but that’s ok. once i get back from cali with it, i’m going to sand blast everything and paint it for real.
so yeah, if you’re going to the rally, bring a paint pen (i may have some on me) and you can draw whatever you want on ciaociao! well, just the frame. i’m going to be bummed if people start drawing on my pipe or something that’s not getting painted.. haha.
but yeah, blank canvas for you!

see you in la? hope so!

taking my time
December 1, 2008, 3:07 pm
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sorry it’s been slow around here. i have the frame completely stripped down to just the paint, and once i find a donor bicycle to chop up i can start welding everything together and get it powder coated.
that’s pretty much why it’s taking me so long, i have to save for the paint job. i will be coating it all black (frame, fork, wheels, everything) and then painting the pink/white/brown on top of that.
that way as the paint chips off, it will be a nice, hard powder coat shell underneath.
anyway, i just wanted to give you guys a quick update.

coming togeeeeether!
July 21, 2008, 11:18 pm
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seeing the bike in a pile of parts was making me sad, so i decided to go ahead and start putting the thing together. this will be ciaociao v0.1a, seattle rally mode! haha.
no welding done on the frame yet, no cross bar. the custom fork isn’t ready, so i’ll be running with the a bravo fork (which just happens to match the rattle can paint job on ciaociao’s frame!), altered to fit the larger front axle.

no motor yet, as you can see. i couldn’t get a hold of mikemike this weekend to see if i could go to his shop and work on it, which sucks. i think he was probably more worried about working on his own project anyway.
the cdi should be close to ready to go, unless mikemike has been too busy to work on it at all.. it’s the intake i was hoping to get in there to work on. maybe sometime this week? i’m running out of time! i don’t even know what to do for jetting yet! fuck.
anyway, it should be running, even if running shitty, for the rally. it’s so close, i don’t see how it could not be.
i even added a basket to the front to carry my gas can for the long ride out to camping at our rally!

also, you guys should come to our rally! it’s going to be epic!

closer and closer
May 7, 2008, 12:18 am
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so i’ve made some progress since the last update.
in the frame department, i chopped the seat post part down further, should have the seat nice and low now!

i also ripped out the center stand, as i will be using the side stand i bought forever ago on this bike. once i modify it to fit the frame the way i want it to, i’ll hack the center mounts off the frame.
as it stands, i have the frame down to just over 12.5lbs, including all the grime and chain tensioner still on the frame.

not too bad, but, as i said, i’ll be hacking more off soon. i’ll also be welding more back on (frame brace, seam welding), so i’ll probably end up about 15lbs or so. about 4lbs lighter than a stripped down puch frame.

the struts for the front fork showed up the other day too!

rather than modifying the fork swing arms for the larger axle and trying to rig up some kind of mounting system for these dampeners, i think i’m going to make all new swing arms. at 80lbs of pressure a piece, i don’t think i need the stock springs anymore. and if i make custom swing arms, i can provide multiple mounting spots for the struts, giving me on-the-fly adjustable front suspension! awesome!

that is all for now. i have been challenged to a 50cc race off by erin of the puddlecutters, and we have decided to turn it into a mini-rally event, so most of my free time will be put into that for a little while. i’m still confident that ciaociao will be in rough draft forum for the puddlecutter rally, i am even still planning to ride it down to portland! so keep watching, i’ll have more for you soon.

as some of you have noticed on, have started a blog for the 50cc bike, the 50cciao, though i probably won’t do much posting about what all i’m doing, as i know erin reads it and i don’t want her to know my secrets! yet, anyway.
i’m thinking of keeping that one a photo blog strictly.

anyway, till next time.

January 29, 2008, 11:59 pm
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so i guess i have three choices when it comes to getting ciaociao painted/coated.

1-i could put ciaociao and all the parts on bigmo (mosquito fleet school bus) to have it transported down to la for the rally and give everything to rafter to let those guys do it for me. everything powder coated, pro finish, awesome kids that i love doing the work for me. down sides are that i would then have to pay shipping to have it sent back up to me once done, and it’s spendy. rafter quoted me a great price, and said he could hook me up cos he luvz me, but it’s still pretty spendy.

2-felony flyers is this super rad chopper shop here in ballard. they supported our rally last year by being a sponsor, and are a local home grown biz. the guy has been building custom choppers for like 16 years or some such, and they have been featured in many biker rags country wide. i sent him an email earlier today asking if he could do it, and if he could give me a rough quote. he got back to me this evening. his price would be about the same as what rafter quoted me, less shipping of course. powder coated, pro quality, supporting my neighbor. downside, agian, price.

3-borrow mikemike’s paint gun and painting the fucker myself in my driveway. downsides are paint will go to shit much quicker than powder, it will probably look crappy because i don’t know what i’m doing, and i’m lazy. plus side is that it would be one hell of a lot cheaper.

so yeah, what to do, what to do.. i better think on this one.