carbs and wheels!
April 10, 2008, 11:05 pm
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i know you’ve all seen the dellorto racing 21mm phbg before, but i feel like i need to update with at least a few pictures.. i’ve since added a lever choke to it, though i need to yank the oil injection tube and tap/plug the hole it goes it, just to get the lever to sit where it is supposed to on the carb.

also, a few weeks ago i begun milling the brake plate so that it will fit the stock ciao fork. the wheels are from a vespa si, and the fork’s break stop is in a completely different place than the ciao.
lucky for me, mikemike has a mill, and i know how to use it.
i started off by milling the brake plate down to the proper height for the ciao fork.

once it was down the the proper height, i noticed that the back of the plate was hollow, and now i had these nifty holes to deal with.

i’ll be milling a new slot at a different angle through there, and so i had to do something about those holes. here you can see them from the back;

to get around this, i’ve roughened up the inside of those holes and groves in the back of the plate, drilled some holes connecting the groves and packed some quicksteel in there super tight until it was squeezing out the front like playdough. quicksteel is rad because it is millable once it’s nice and hard.

so that’s where i’m at currently. sunday mikemike and i are headed to his shop where i will try and finish up the front wheel, and maybe brainstorm on the intake now that i have the carb handy to play with. maybe i’ll be able to get some pictures of the cdi system we are going to use on this project. it’s much smaller than the system we were going to use, it should be pretty nuts once it’s all worked out.

so there you have it! you’re all caught up! june is coming quick, and i still plan to have this in rough-and-ready mode (not painted, but good to go otherwise) by the puddle cutter rally!


i love getting packages
January 24, 2008, 11:46 pm
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the stem, bar ends and pedals showed up today. more stuff to kick around my room until i finally get to start building this thing! hopefully even more will show up tomorrow.

also, i was going to post this picture the other day when i was cooking the bearings and freezing the crank shaft, but totally forgot. it’s too good to not post, though!

them were good cookies, too!

it comes together!
January 23, 2008, 12:50 am
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so after installing the bearings on the crank, i had mike mike take the big case half to his shop and press the crank in.

tonight i pressed the other half on, but i don’t think the crank is completely seated proper.. we’re going to take it to his shop again and make sure it’s pressed in completely. you can see the bit of gap that worries me here;

it should go the rest pretty easily.

i bolted the 13mm intake on (a custom 19mm one is in the works) to keep the reed block from getting messed up kicking around my room, and so that i wouldn’t loose the bolts or anything.
besides, it looks cool!

now i need to finish filing the ports out on the pinasco, polish up the exhaust shoot and bolt the rest together!

it’s coming together! once i have the motor all bolted together in one piece, i can stick it in the frame and figure out the clearance i’ll have for the custom intake. and mike mike can machine the parts for the sweet cdi, and i can order the carb and pipe, the motor will be ready to go!

also, i ordered the stem, bar ends and pedals the other day, and tonight i ordered the bars and the headlight.
the cdi will not have a lighting coil, so i’m going battery powered.
i was lucky to find a niterider minewt.x2 set up for way cheaper than i should have! this is rad, because it’s small, way brighter than your moped’s headlight, and i can transfer it over to my road bikes super quick style when i get unlazy and seattle gets uncrappy out!

ok, that’s it for this update! i have decided to go with paint rather than powder coating the frame and wheels. powder coating would have been tricky with the paint scheme, and it’s probably going to cost a lot less to paint, even if i go pro, but i might just do it in my garage.
it should look rad when it’s done.