ciao updates!
November 3, 2013, 4:05 pm
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i did a three parter update about old ciaociao over on did a bunch of maintenance work and a few little things that i’ve been meaning to do for years but never had. go check it out! and stay tuned over there for more ciaociao!


failed experiment
October 20, 2009, 1:58 pm
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so remember how i said i was working on stuffing a 24mm mikuni carb into my ciao frame? well i pretty much gave up on that idea.
thanks to tony s., i was able to bust out a super nice intake plate to get the carb bolted up to the motor without much trouble.

problem is, there is no room for the carb in the frame!
i would have to loose the pedals all together and chop a huge chunk out of my frame to make it fit in there, and i’m not about to do either of those things.
there might still be a 24mm carb in the future for ciaociao, but it will be a smaller carb that will fit in the bike easier. no need to cut up the frame for a mikuni when there’s other, smaller carbs that will get the job done just as well!
polini cup 5 post coming soon! with pictures!

draw on ciaociao!
March 19, 2009, 3:41 pm
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i’m busting my butt trying to get ciaociao v2.0 to the la rally, but i’ve seem to misplaced a box of crucial parts.. i’m sure it will turn up, i just hope it does soon. like today.
i’m not going to have the bike painted before the rally, but i was able to put a couple coats of brown primer on it. it looks like ass, the brown primer with the blue and green bits really looks silly, but that’s ok. once i get back from cali with it, i’m going to sand blast everything and paint it for real.
so yeah, if you’re going to the rally, bring a paint pen (i may have some on me) and you can draw whatever you want on ciaociao! well, just the frame. i’m going to be bummed if people start drawing on my pipe or something that’s not getting painted.. haha.
but yeah, blank canvas for you!

see you in la? hope so!

frame reinforcment part one
February 24, 2009, 4:57 pm
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finally made it to mikemike’s shop with the ciao frame and did some chopping and welding.
i haven’t done any welding in years, and this was pretty much my first time brazing (i did some way back in middle school, i think.. way too long ago to remember though), but i’m pretty happy with how it all turned out! i need to clean up the brazing big time, but that was to be expected. it looks like ass right now, haha.

stock ciao frame.

off goes the kickstand brackets!
i also cut off about 32mm from the top of the frame where the seat tube slides in to drop the seat down some, and i drilled out the spot welds and chiseled off the tire pump mounts.

the welds turned out alright. not perfect, but they’ll get the job done for sure.

and that there is my sloppy ass brazing job. i am going to go over it all with a file and probably a dremmel to get it nice and smooth, so it’s alright that it’s all blobby and pooly for now.

i also welded a couple washers into the seat post to keep it from squishing closed and causing the seat to go floppy. it’s hard enough to hold on to this bike when it takes off, i don’t need a floppy seat trying to dump my butt onto the rear tire..
i didn’t get any photos of the seat this time around, once mikemike drops it and the frame off at the shop i’ll snap some quick ones to show you what i mean.

i still have some cutting to do to the frame (carb clearance), and some more welding and brazing if i decide to put the cross bar in, but otherwise it’s just about ready to go to isaac’s for a good sand blasting! then it’s primer and paint time!

fail fail fail!
February 14, 2009, 1:39 pm
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man, i don’t know what i did wrong, but the moped karma gods aren’t too stoked on me right now.
firstly, the 4130 was backordered forever. like a couple weeks. it finally showed up and loverboy ian went to pick it up. later on i got this email from him:

So, it turned out that even though there were four of us at the shop when we ordered the 4130, we ended up all agreeing we wanted 2.5 inch outer diameter when really what we had in mind was 1.5 inch outer diameter. I don’t know how it happened, the dangers of group think I guess, or the shops malfunctioning calipers. 2.5 inch is REALLY BIG much too big for a support bar, unless you want your support bar to act as an auxiliary gas tank.
There was a little bit of 1.5 inch at the shop already, enough for my moped and maybe one more. I am going to order another 8 feet of 1.5 inch to replace what I used and for you’re bikes and it’ll be another 40$ or so for the complete length. Online Metals doesn’t do returns so it’ll be another $14 a person for the new bar.


such a bummer. so my options are to spend even more money on new steel for the cross bar (making this a $50 cross bar), or just say fuck a cross bar and do without.
if this were any other moped i would probably say screw it, but if you know ciaos you know how flexy they are, so i think i’m going to have to drop more money on the damn thing.
oh well. it looks like i have two feet of 2.5″ od 4130 tubing to do something with someday.

January 16, 2009, 11:54 pm
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you all may be happy to know that today i ordered up a nice, stiff rod of 4130 for my top tube!
i should have it by week’s end, and sunday is a planned fun day down at the machine shop for me and ciaociao!
exciting times are here at last! stay tuned!

taking my time
December 1, 2008, 3:07 pm
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sorry it’s been slow around here. i have the frame completely stripped down to just the paint, and once i find a donor bicycle to chop up i can start welding everything together and get it powder coated.
that’s pretty much why it’s taking me so long, i have to save for the paint job. i will be coating it all black (frame, fork, wheels, everything) and then painting the pink/white/brown on top of that.
that way as the paint chips off, it will be a nice, hard powder coat shell underneath.
anyway, i just wanted to give you guys a quick update.