ciao updates!
November 3, 2013, 4:05 pm
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i did a three parter update about old ciaociao over on did a bunch of maintenance work and a few little things that i’ve been meaning to do for years but never had. go check it out! and stay tuned over there for more ciaociao!


July 12, 2010, 8:55 pm
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got the stupid $15 piece i needed to put ciao back on the road! that dumb pulley back!

still need to address the collapsed rear spring.. only one of the coils still functions. i ran it last race like this and it did ok, i just had to lighten up the weights a lot.

there being only one coil of the spring actually functioning, the rear pulley likes to bounce. it’s hard to explain in text, but the same thing will happen with a french bike if you have the spring too soft.. the weights will cause it to variate quick, then the spring will push back and you’ll have your motor bouncing on the spring. on a french bike the belt can come off when that happens, on a dual variated bike it’s mostly just annoying. still usable, though!

man, it’s weird to be back on the ciao. i’m not used to it anymore at all!
i swapped out the drag bars for some bmx lookin things that rafter gave me. i had to weld about a half inch to the ends to make them wide enough for my grips, but that wasn’t a big deal. not sure how i like them. more comfy, for sure, but dunno if i dig the look.

those forks have always bothered me, too. they are too long. digging through the pile of trashed forks, i found an old set of ebrs that clamp the fork tubes up top and bottom, like the more expensive ebrs do. the forks are trashed, but the top plate appears to be good! except the chrome is rotten as hell, but whatever, i’ll just sandblast it.

i’m sure it’ll look stupid with the fork tubes sticking out the top, but whatever, i’ll work it out in the end.

anyway, more later! i’m going to build a battery box/license plate holder/tail light thingy here pretty soon! it’s gunna be neat!

aaand we’re back! well kinda..
July 8, 2010, 9:42 pm
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hello everyone, did you miss me? no? oh.

anyway! ciao is sitting at the shop and i’ve started converting it back to street use. that pretty much just means i’m putting lights on it.

i’m using magnomos’ old headlight because that’s what i happen to have laying around. besides, the terry dean edition mf headlight sticker suits ciaociao.

if you’ll remember, i’ve got some dinky little cdi system from a kids dirt bike powering the bike, so no lights. once i get my battery back from alan, i’m going to build a little battery box and mount it back by the rear wheel.. i’ll take pictures that better explain it as i’m doing it.
not sure what i’m going to use as a tail light just yet.

also, here’s a better picture of the damage done last time ciaociao ran..

i’ll never use malossi variator bits again! well, except weights and rear springs i suppose..

anyway, that’s all i’ve got for the moment. now that ciaociao’s going to be my daily rider, i’ll be changing a lot about it, so there should be more fun times ahead. new pipes, new bars, maybe new paint.. watch and see!

January 26, 2008, 2:24 am
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oh sweet! my headlight showed up today!
the thing is SUPER BRIGHT! 150 lumens for three and a half hours on high! only 92 lumens for 7 hours on low, but even that is brighter than most moped headlights! plus i can swap it over to my bicycles in like 10 seconds! sweet action, for sure!
the whole thing weighs 232 grams, whatever that is! it’s light! no pun intended? eh

you can also see the pink stem and bar ends and white pedals in that pic. neat!

tomorrow i’m going to bent bike with mikemike to check stuff out. i already ordered bars for ciaociao, but it’ll be fun to look around anyway. i’d like to find a smaller rear sprocket for magnomos, but that’s got nothing to do with this blog, so i’ll leave it at that.
anyway, i’m a little tipsy right now, so i’m going to go to bed. night!

it comes together!
January 23, 2008, 12:50 am
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so after installing the bearings on the crank, i had mike mike take the big case half to his shop and press the crank in.

tonight i pressed the other half on, but i don’t think the crank is completely seated proper.. we’re going to take it to his shop again and make sure it’s pressed in completely. you can see the bit of gap that worries me here;

it should go the rest pretty easily.

i bolted the 13mm intake on (a custom 19mm one is in the works) to keep the reed block from getting messed up kicking around my room, and so that i wouldn’t loose the bolts or anything.
besides, it looks cool!

now i need to finish filing the ports out on the pinasco, polish up the exhaust shoot and bolt the rest together!

it’s coming together! once i have the motor all bolted together in one piece, i can stick it in the frame and figure out the clearance i’ll have for the custom intake. and mike mike can machine the parts for the sweet cdi, and i can order the carb and pipe, the motor will be ready to go!

also, i ordered the stem, bar ends and pedals the other day, and tonight i ordered the bars and the headlight.
the cdi will not have a lighting coil, so i’m going battery powered.
i was lucky to find a niterider minewt.x2 set up for way cheaper than i should have! this is rad, because it’s small, way brighter than your moped’s headlight, and i can transfer it over to my road bikes super quick style when i get unlazy and seattle gets uncrappy out!

ok, that’s it for this update! i have decided to go with paint rather than powder coating the frame and wheels. powder coating would have been tricky with the paint scheme, and it’s probably going to cost a lot less to paint, even if i go pro, but i might just do it in my garage.
it should look rad when it’s done.