aaand we’re back! well kinda..
July 8, 2010, 9:42 pm
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hello everyone, did you miss me? no? oh.

anyway! ciao is sitting at the shop and i’ve started converting it back to street use. that pretty much just means i’m putting lights on it.

i’m using magnomos’ old headlight because that’s what i happen to have laying around. besides, the terry dean edition mf headlight sticker suits ciaociao.

if you’ll remember, i’ve got some dinky little cdi system from a kids dirt bike powering the bike, so no lights. once i get my battery back from alan, i’m going to build a little battery box and mount it back by the rear wheel.. i’ll take pictures that better explain it as i’m doing it.
not sure what i’m going to use as a tail light just yet.

also, here’s a better picture of the damage done last time ciaociao ran..

i’ll never use malossi variator bits again! well, except weights and rear springs i suppose..

anyway, that’s all i’ve got for the moment. now that ciaociao’s going to be my daily rider, i’ll be changing a lot about it, so there should be more fun times ahead. new pipes, new bars, maybe new paint.. watch and see!


variator carnage
December 30, 2009, 3:23 pm
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finally! here are a couple photos of the damage done at the last polini cup.

as you can see, a huge chunk of the rear cheek broke off! i think i mentioned in one of my last posts that i saw something just fly up into the air and keep going until it disappeared.. it was that chunk!
it started making noise, but i kept going through the twisty part of the track and as i rounded the last corner i the noise got real bad and suddenly the motor just froze. at first i though i killed the motor, but nope! the belt riding up high on what was left of the rear cheek as it started to variated caused the cheek to bend inward and lock into the frame! it’s really jammed in there, too!
this is why i don’t use malossi variator parts any more, other than weights and springs for the rear pulley. i don’t know what it is, but the malossi parts are weaker. i round out the notched holes on both the rear cheek and the face plate, the center shaft that slides over the crank has fell apart on me, and now this! polini for life! until i eventually get around to putting a french bike variator on there, that is..
anyway, that’s it for now. treats carries the rear polini cheek separate now (which is crazy, every polini dealer i asked said i would have to order a whole new variator just to get a cheek!), and it’s only like $15. i don’t have the extra cash, but once i do ciaociao will ride again!

July 21, 2009, 10:03 am
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ciaociao is already down in sacramento waiting for me, i left it there after the reno rally.
by the way, my “reliable” bike seized a main bearing at the reno rally, so i did the rest of it on ciao and ciao had no issues whatsoever! it has became my most reliable moped!
the belts i ordered from malossi direct showed up, plus the one from treats i’ve been carrying around with me, i should be good on belts for a little while. those malossi belts are awesome, but the shred apart after a while. the one i’m currently running is starting to fray a little, so i think i’ll be replacing it soon.
i also need to pull the carb off the intake plate and put some loctite on the threads of the mounting bolts, the carb likes to start to wiggle loose after a while. it doesn’t even seem to notice the air leaks, but it’s something that needs to be addressed.
anyway, more to come when i’m in sacramento! goodbye for now, seattle!

mother bitch
August 6, 2008, 9:22 pm
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installing malossi clutch springs on a vespa is a total bitch. i am hating life right now.
once i get them in, though, all i have to do is tighten everything down and install the decompress cable and i’m ready to try and start it! omg!
also, fuck a vespa clutch. 😦
more (with pictures) later.

new tranny case = grande
March 11, 2008, 3:05 pm
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i’m back from portland (so much fun!) and just won a nos grande transmission case for 99¢ on ebay.

a grande case isn’t as nice as a si case, the si case has a larger oil reservoir and a much larger brake pad, but si parts are really hard to come by.
i can swap brake pads no problem, but it sucks i won’t be able to pump as much oil into my tranny to keep things cool and slippery.
oh well, as long as i get it together proper (with a thick gasket this time) i shouldn’t have any problems.
besides, you can’t beat nos parts for 99¢! well, $6.99 after shipping, but still really cheap.

March 7, 2008, 10:06 am
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i took down the malossi gear installation page for the time being so that i can redo it with better pictures and better info. that should be back up in a few days.
tonight, mf and myself are jumping in big mo and heading to portland for the puddle cutters’ two year anniversary ride. i’ll be on orangeciao with a nice, stock rear end back in it.

r.i.p. rip!
March 5, 2008, 12:31 am
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i ran that transmission into the ground!

i am kind of mad at myself for letting it go that far, but at least i can say i broke it good?
new tranny is installed, stock gearing though. malossi gears are on the way.