to la we go
March 22, 2009, 8:15 pm
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well, i never found the box of parts, but i was able to find the parts i needed in my other boxes of parted out ciaos.
the bike is all together and i fired it up for the first time tonight since it got ran over at the creature rally months ago.
starts easy and idles, but is on the rich side.. it still has warm cali weather tuning, it’s much too cold and damp up here for it to run proper. but! la in a few days! it should be pretty close to right, i’ll be bringing jets just in case.
but yeah, i need to put fresh oil in the gear box, and refill the fork oil and i think i’m done! stoked!

as you can see, people have started drawing on ciaociao already! bring paint pens!


draw on ciaociao!
March 19, 2009, 3:41 pm
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i’m busting my butt trying to get ciaociao v2.0 to the la rally, but i’ve seem to misplaced a box of crucial parts.. i’m sure it will turn up, i just hope it does soon. like today.
i’m not going to have the bike painted before the rally, but i was able to put a couple coats of brown primer on it. it looks like ass, the brown primer with the blue and green bits really looks silly, but that’s ok. once i get back from cali with it, i’m going to sand blast everything and paint it for real.
so yeah, if you’re going to the rally, bring a paint pen (i may have some on me) and you can draw whatever you want on ciaociao! well, just the frame. i’m going to be bummed if people start drawing on my pipe or something that’s not getting painted.. haha.
but yeah, blank canvas for you!

see you in la? hope so!

taking my time
December 1, 2008, 3:07 pm
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sorry it’s been slow around here. i have the frame completely stripped down to just the paint, and once i find a donor bicycle to chop up i can start welding everything together and get it powder coated.
that’s pretty much why it’s taking me so long, i have to save for the paint job. i will be coating it all black (frame, fork, wheels, everything) and then painting the pink/white/brown on top of that.
that way as the paint chips off, it will be a nice, hard powder coat shell underneath.
anyway, i just wanted to give you guys a quick update.

March 2, 2008, 12:09 am
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sorry to you guys that follow this. i have been lame about updating. it’s been busy around here! i feel like i need to update more mostly because other than jon’s blog, this is pretty much the only moped build blog that ever gets any updates. at least as far as i know.
well, i have paid for another set of the malossi gears, and they should be on their way soon. i’m going to be buying up a third set as soon as i can too. one set for orange ciao, another set for ciaociao. i was so impressed by the performance gain the gears gave me in la on orange ciao, that i really hate to go back to stock on that bike. that’s why i’m still running around on the broken malossi gears!
speaking of broken malossi gears, i think i should update my installation guide to inform everyone of what i think went wrong, and what i think i need to do to avoid it a second time. i’ll do that soon.
as far as the rest of ciaociao goes, i haven’t made much progress. i need to get on mikemike more about getting with me to machine the remaining electronic parts, and also to weld up the seams on the frame, and get that cross bar in there.
jeb said he has a dellorto si kicking aorund that i can check out to see if it will work for me. the carb for me is either a 20mm si, or a 21 phbg. once i figure out what i’m doing there, then i need to make an intake. that shouldn’t be hard/take long. i hope.
anyway, my goal is to have this bike done (sans powder coating) for the puddle cutter rally in june. i will be riding it in it’s rough and raw stage for that rally. i think i’ll be back in reno (at least for a bit) some time between that rally and creature rally, which means i’ll be able to strip ciaociao down and drive it to sac to have it coated by nate and rafter. save on shipping, and i’ll be able to test ride and tune the crap out of the bike before pumping more money into it for powder coating.
anyway, that’s my update for tonight. there’s more that i could go into, but i’ll save it for another post.

January 29, 2008, 11:59 pm
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so i guess i have three choices when it comes to getting ciaociao painted/coated.

1-i could put ciaociao and all the parts on bigmo (mosquito fleet school bus) to have it transported down to la for the rally and give everything to rafter to let those guys do it for me. everything powder coated, pro finish, awesome kids that i love doing the work for me. down sides are that i would then have to pay shipping to have it sent back up to me once done, and it’s spendy. rafter quoted me a great price, and said he could hook me up cos he luvz me, but it’s still pretty spendy.

2-felony flyers is this super rad chopper shop here in ballard. they supported our rally last year by being a sponsor, and are a local home grown biz. the guy has been building custom choppers for like 16 years or some such, and they have been featured in many biker rags country wide. i sent him an email earlier today asking if he could do it, and if he could give me a rough quote. he got back to me this evening. his price would be about the same as what rafter quoted me, less shipping of course. powder coated, pro quality, supporting my neighbor. downside, agian, price.

3-borrow mikemike’s paint gun and painting the fucker myself in my driveway. downsides are paint will go to shit much quicker than powder, it will probably look crappy because i don’t know what i’m doing, and i’m lazy. plus side is that it would be one hell of a lot cheaper.

so yeah, what to do, what to do.. i better think on this one.

things have slowed down.
January 28, 2008, 9:17 pm
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benji got my pipe in, so hopefully i’ll have it at the end of the week, or early next week. that’ll just leave the carb issue and machining the bits for the ignition.
rafter said he could hook me up with the paint job, but i am undecided. i know they would do a better job than most, it would be powder coated to boot, but that’s a lot of money to be shipping a frame and wheels and other assorted bits around.
first things first, i need to get the welding done to the thing. that is quickly becoming a priority. i need to do some stuff to the fork, too. possibly a new steer tube.. these are just things i’m thinking about. it would be sweet to use a threadless headset, that might be more work than i want to put into it though.
gaaah, too many decisions!
i am going to go watch rocketeer and pout.
someone make parts hurry up and get here.

January 25, 2008, 10:07 am
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last night, in the moped army chat thingy, i showed a couple kids a sneak peak of the paint job i have lined up for ciaociao and i got mixed reactions, kind of like i knew i would.
there were two paint jobs that i was torn between, the deciding factor was that the variated ciao side covers aren’t available here, and i would have to send off for them, and then i would have to paint them as they don’t come in white.
these are a couple sketchs of the two color combo i was having a hard time picking between.
spaceman icecream:

and the blue scheme that would have required the special side covers:

there’s no denying that the second one is way cuter and looks awesome, but i really like the neapolitan and it doesn’t require side covers to get the look i want. also, i get to show off the variator and whatnot without side covers!
i’ll be using the pink and blue scheme on something eventually anyway, so there it is.
what do you guys think? i reckon some of you will like it, and others will think it’s dumb, and most of you will like the blue one better. haha
i’ll be going to pick out the colors this weekend, i think.