ciaociao does portland
August 11, 2009, 2:17 pm
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being as ciaociao is currently my only running bike that would be rally worthy (green ciao runs great and is super pretty, but it goes 25mph), i decided to take it to the portland rally.
other than another shredded belt (which was expected, i even brought a spare) it ran great the entire rally!
of course ciaociao is never jetted right, and i still haven’t really messed with the variator after porting it to get all of my low end back, but it was fun, fast and super reliable all weekend long!
i was still running low air pressure in my tires from atwater, so it handled super good in the corners. this rally was filled with corners!
and i got paced by a friend on his yamaha motorcycle at 63mph. i’d like to gps confirm that one day, but he swears his speedo is accurate.
now i am ready to tear the motor apart again and finish porting it. once i do that i will tune the variator and i should get my take off back. don’t get me wrong, it still takes off pretty quick, but not as quick as it did before i did the exhaust port.
there miiiiiight be a motomatic pipe in store for ciaociao in the future.. nate said if i were to join the motomatic race team i would get a free pipe, but i don’t know if he was being serious. besides, i’m not giving up on hry just because i moved to sacramento! if those guys up in seattle stay serious and want to keep going to races, i’ll stick with them!
anyway, that’s it for now. atwater is in a few weeks, so i have to get busy!


June 8, 2009, 12:20 am
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so this weekend was a total bust. none of the other hry kids could go racing, and it left me with no ride. it was a little too last minute for me to cobble something together, so i decided to have a drunk weekend at the shop in seattle hating atwater. it was a shitty weekend.
on top of not getting to go, i some how misplaced/dropped in the street my wallet, containing $300 cash, my id and both my debit cards.
but hey! this isn’t a blog about my life, it’s a blog about ciaociao! so enough of that shit!

poor ciaociao did not see the race track this weekend like it really wanted to. i did, however, take it for a few rides!
now, i haven’t really ridden ciaociao in the street since la rally, just on the track, and i was riding around with slow bikes rather than race bikes, so it’s really hard for me to judge what kind of performance gains i might have obtained with my exhaust porting. i was really hoping to get a feel for that on the track. ah well!
however, now that racing is done until september, i think it is time for me to pull that cylinder back off and finish up my porting. larger transfers, two new transfers, and more work on the exhaust. plus i still need to mill the other 1mm off the top of the cylinder and build the 2mm spacer to lift the whole thing up. and i really want to work the head, the pinasco head seems kinda crappy for how rad that kit can be.

so yeah! hopefully after i do all of this the thing will still run and will be competitive next atwater!
in the meantime, my actual race bike build is now underway, but that has nothing to do with anything here, so i’ll not talk about it much. you can catch pictures of it every now and again on my mopedsmofun tumblr photo blog if you’re interested!

oh boy, back to the dremmel!

outta time!
June 3, 2009, 10:36 am
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well i got the exhaust port pretty much finished and milled 1mm off the top of the cylinder, there is much more to be done to this kit before i’m done hacking at it, but i am out of time. atwater #3 is this weekend!
expect some kind of write up on the weekend and some pictures, and some more details to what i’ve done to poor ciaociao once i get back.

pinasco 46mm port map
May 16, 2009, 3:01 pm
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well, firstly, the 2nd race went really well. i chopped two seconds off my lap time, and while i placed 6th in both races, i was faster and rode much better than the first race and i’m stoked on that!
if you want to read a better write up, check out the hry website. it’s still being worked on a lot, so it doesn’t really look all that great, but there’s rad photos and stuff over there.

on to ciaociao.
i decided to start playing with the porting in my pinasco. i haven’t really jumped into hacking at it just yet, but cuffs and i made a port map of it and did some measurements and i think i have a plan.

my map only shows one of the transfer ports because i’m going to focus on the exhaust port for now.
i’ve always known the exhaust port in this kit was pretty weak, so i’m going to be opening it up some and probably lifting the whole cylinder a bit and mill the difference off the top.

i’m still trying to work out what i’m going to do exactly, and the next race is coming up pretty quick so i gotta get on it. once the math is over and i start milling and hacking at it i’ll be sure to get a bunch of pictures for yous guys.

until then!

polini cup, race #1
April 17, 2009, 8:28 pm
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well, i don’t think there is any way i could write up how awesome the first polini cup weekend was even half as well as fellow hry racing teammate columbus josh (aka cuffs) did in his blog, so i’m going to go ahead and send you guys there instead!
check out the rest of his blog while you’re at it, tons of rad info on all sorts of awesome two-strokey things!
team nerdspeed
he is also documenting our “plan b” build, a cobbled together vespa si racer! some of you may remember the si i picked up forever ago for the wheels and other random bits, well that bike is finally going to good use!

in the world of ciaociao, it looks like old boy is going to be my dedicated racer until i can get my actual race bike build off the ground. since pretty much all i think about these days is racing anyway, i think this is a good turn of events for ciaociao. it’ll get way more attention than it was before!

i’m pretty happy with the performance, but i’d like to do something about my pipe. it’s still all dented and banged up from when ciaociao v1 got ran over by that moving truck at the creature rally forever ago. dents are not an expansion chamber’s best friend, that’s for sure.
i have a few different ways i can go about this. option #1 is i could try to pull the dents out of the pipe i currently have and try to salvage it. option #2 is buying a new pipe all together, and option #3 is trying to replicate my pipe and build my own.
eventually i’d like to build my own pipes.. the more i read and learn about two stroke tuning, the less crazy building my own pipe seems to me. it’s really all just a matter of knowing what you want and doing the math.. and it helps to be good with a mig, hah.
seeing as the next race is two weeks away, i think i may bite the bullet and buy a new pipe. maybe someone will be into buying my old pipe from me at like half cost or something. it obviously still preforms really well, seeing as my ciao beat out most of the bikes on the track the first weekend, but i want everything to be perfect next time around.

i also need to fill the forks with oil, i ran them empty last race and it was super sketch at first, but i got used to it pretty quick. bravo forks are good forks, they just need to be topped off is all.

so other than a new pipe, and some fork oil in my forks i think ciaociao is ready to go! i CANNOT wait for the next race!

and, as promised, some of my favorite photos from the weekend, with some of me and ciaociao thrown in to keep everything on topic.

there are soooo many more on flickr.. just type in polinicupapril09 and you’ll get them all.
by the way, yes i was racing in jeans and a hoodie with skate knee and elbow pads. i am actually shopping around right now for some leathers, so leave me alone! haha.

oh, and number 8 in all the pictures is columbus “cuffs” josh on naz’s 50cc pug. hopefully in two weeks josh will be on plan b and naz will be on that pug!

oh man
September 22, 2008, 10:15 pm
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the stock clutch springs made all the difference! i was easy on the throttle and the thing was still ripping tonight! i have the jetting pretty close at 96 main and 50 idle, my 7 needle is one down from the top (three up). i think i might go with a 97 or 98 main, though.. it’s not lean, but it could be a little more rich for a new kit.
ps, this moped vibrates the shit out of my ass!

however, with all that good news comes the bad news. i fouled out at a light and while checking the plug i noticed the motor was pretty hot.. i turn the crank over with the variator and noticed the fan didn’t turn with it. FAN BROKE AGAIN! GAH!

i haven’t had a chance to pull it a part to see what’s going on, but hey, my new spacer kept the fan from taking out my coils! yay!
while i have it apart i think i’ll pull the top end apart and just give it a look. it didn’t seize on me, but i want to make sure it didn’t take any heat damage or anything.
if i get extra brave, maybe i’ll start on a little porting on it.. but i dunno, i think i should hold off till after the rally.


tuning blues
September 21, 2008, 12:13 pm
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it’s been raining a bunch up here in seattle the past couple days (imagine that), so tuning on the ciao has pretty much stopped. lame. about four more days till we leave for the rally, too. super lame.
this version of ciaociao isn’t going to be any kind of speed demon, i don’t think. not for this rally. no time to get it tuned proper.. plus the kit needs some work.
still, it should be a 50mph+ ride, which will be more than enough for me for now! i just want to complete this rally in one piece. then i’ll have all winter to go nuts on this bike. so stoked.