variator carnage
December 30, 2009, 3:23 pm
Filed under: fail!, malossi, polini, race, variator

finally! here are a couple photos of the damage done at the last polini cup.

as you can see, a huge chunk of the rear cheek broke off! i think i mentioned in one of my last posts that i saw something just fly up into the air and keep going until it disappeared.. it was that chunk!
it started making noise, but i kept going through the twisty part of the track and as i rounded the last corner i the noise got real bad and suddenly the motor just froze. at first i though i killed the motor, but nope! the belt riding up high on what was left of the rear cheek as it started to variated caused the cheek to bend inward and lock into the frame! it’s really jammed in there, too!
this is why i don’t use malossi variator parts any more, other than weights and springs for the rear pulley. i don’t know what it is, but the malossi parts are weaker. i round out the notched holes on both the rear cheek and the face plate, the center shaft that slides over the crank has fell apart on me, and now this! polini for life! until i eventually get around to putting a french bike variator on there, that is..
anyway, that’s it for now. treats carries the rear polini cheek separate now (which is crazy, every polini dealer i asked said i would have to order a whole new variator just to get a cheek!), and it’s only like $15. i don’t have the extra cash, but once i do ciaociao will ride again!