frame reinforcment part one
February 24, 2009, 4:57 pm
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finally made it to mikemike’s shop with the ciao frame and did some chopping and welding.
i haven’t done any welding in years, and this was pretty much my first time brazing (i did some way back in middle school, i think.. way too long ago to remember though), but i’m pretty happy with how it all turned out! i need to clean up the brazing big time, but that was to be expected. it looks like ass right now, haha.

stock ciao frame.

off goes the kickstand brackets!
i also cut off about 32mm from the top of the frame where the seat tube slides in to drop the seat down some, and i drilled out the spot welds and chiseled off the tire pump mounts.

the welds turned out alright. not perfect, but they’ll get the job done for sure.

and that there is my sloppy ass brazing job. i am going to go over it all with a file and probably a dremmel to get it nice and smooth, so it’s alright that it’s all blobby and pooly for now.

i also welded a couple washers into the seat post to keep it from squishing closed and causing the seat to go floppy. it’s hard enough to hold on to this bike when it takes off, i don’t need a floppy seat trying to dump my butt onto the rear tire..
i didn’t get any photos of the seat this time around, once mikemike drops it and the frame off at the shop i’ll snap some quick ones to show you what i mean.

i still have some cutting to do to the frame (carb clearance), and some more welding and brazing if i decide to put the cross bar in, but otherwise it’s just about ready to go to isaac’s for a good sand blasting! then it’s primer and paint time!


closer and closer
May 7, 2008, 12:18 am
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so i’ve made some progress since the last update.
in the frame department, i chopped the seat post part down further, should have the seat nice and low now!

i also ripped out the center stand, as i will be using the side stand i bought forever ago on this bike. once i modify it to fit the frame the way i want it to, i’ll hack the center mounts off the frame.
as it stands, i have the frame down to just over 12.5lbs, including all the grime and chain tensioner still on the frame.

not too bad, but, as i said, i’ll be hacking more off soon. i’ll also be welding more back on (frame brace, seam welding), so i’ll probably end up about 15lbs or so. about 4lbs lighter than a stripped down puch frame.

the struts for the front fork showed up the other day too!

rather than modifying the fork swing arms for the larger axle and trying to rig up some kind of mounting system for these dampeners, i think i’m going to make all new swing arms. at 80lbs of pressure a piece, i don’t think i need the stock springs anymore. and if i make custom swing arms, i can provide multiple mounting spots for the struts, giving me on-the-fly adjustable front suspension! awesome!

that is all for now. i have been challenged to a 50cc race off by erin of the puddlecutters, and we have decided to turn it into a mini-rally event, so most of my free time will be put into that for a little while. i’m still confident that ciaociao will be in rough draft forum for the puddlecutter rally, i am even still planning to ride it down to portland! so keep watching, i’ll have more for you soon.

as some of you have noticed on, have started a blog for the 50cc bike, the 50cciao, though i probably won’t do much posting about what all i’m doing, as i know erin reads it and i don’t want her to know my secrets! yet, anyway.
i’m thinking of keeping that one a photo blog strictly.

anyway, till next time.