ciao updates!
November 3, 2013, 4:05 pm
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i did a three parter update about old ciaociao over on did a bunch of maintenance work and a few little things that i’ve been meaning to do for years but never had. go check it out! and stay tuned over there for more ciaociao!


failed experiment
October 20, 2009, 1:58 pm
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so remember how i said i was working on stuffing a 24mm mikuni carb into my ciao frame? well i pretty much gave up on that idea.
thanks to tony s., i was able to bust out a super nice intake plate to get the carb bolted up to the motor without much trouble.

problem is, there is no room for the carb in the frame!
i would have to loose the pedals all together and chop a huge chunk out of my frame to make it fit in there, and i’m not about to do either of those things.
there might still be a 24mm carb in the future for ciaociao, but it will be a smaller carb that will fit in the bike easier. no need to cut up the frame for a mikuni when there’s other, smaller carbs that will get the job done just as well!
polini cup 5 post coming soon! with pictures!

ok, a couple pictures for you
September 22, 2009, 12:54 am
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i was able to grab a couple photos with rafter’s camera the other day, so i can show you some of the stuff i’ve done.
first, tony was nice enough to take my variator to his lathe and rid me of that big ring that’s part of the polini pulley cheek.
it’s actually part of the cheek (the part of the pulley the belt rides on) but it’s too high up to be used, at least by my current setup, so it was nothing but added weight to me. i also had him mill .5mm off the back of the cheek so that the variator would close up further, giving me more top end! that was the idea anyway. not sure how well it worked, i did so many things all at once that it’s hard to say what’s doing what!

pro work done a pro dude, thanks tony.

and here’s a blurry picture i took of the brake stop peg i had to weld in to work with this wheel and brake plate;

rafter has a fancy super camera and i don’t really know how to use it. i miss my crappy point-and-click deal with the built in flash.

i finally got around to making a fork brace for the bike, too. i was going to put it way down close to the tire, super tight tolerance like, but i decided to leave some room in case i go to 17″ wheels later on.

not the prettiest brace on the block, but it gets the job done quite well.

also, i’ll be going up to a 24mm mikuni from my 21mm dellorto, hopefully before next race!

it’s going to be tricky getting it in there, but i think i’ve got it covered. thankfully nate of motomatic mopeds and tony are both super skilled at welding aluminum! i’m running out of time, though, and both are busy with their own stuff, so we’ll see if it happens before october 3rd!

inside the cylinder pictures will probably have to wait until after the next race. no time to pull it apart!
anyway, there you go!

July 21, 2009, 10:03 am
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ciaociao is already down in sacramento waiting for me, i left it there after the reno rally.
by the way, my “reliable” bike seized a main bearing at the reno rally, so i did the rest of it on ciao and ciao had no issues whatsoever! it has became my most reliable moped!
the belts i ordered from malossi direct showed up, plus the one from treats i’ve been carrying around with me, i should be good on belts for a little while. those malossi belts are awesome, but the shred apart after a while. the one i’m currently running is starting to fray a little, so i think i’ll be replacing it soon.
i also need to pull the carb off the intake plate and put some loctite on the threads of the mounting bolts, the carb likes to start to wiggle loose after a while. it doesn’t even seem to notice the air leaks, but it’s something that needs to be addressed.
anyway, more to come when i’m in sacramento! goodbye for now, seattle!

pre-rally update!
September 19, 2008, 12:03 am
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since my last update i’ve gotten a few things taken care of. firstly, i took care of the rear brake.
i have never had a moped with crappy brakes, especially the rear. i know the front does most of the stopping, but all of my bikes have always had awesome rear brakes, like skid worthy. i was a little disappointed in ciaociao’s rear brake hardly slowing me down even.
i pulled the rear end apart to sand the pad and see if there was anything i could do to make it work better, when i remembered i had a kinetic rear hub floating around. i dug it out and discovered the brake pad on it was over twice as wide as the stock ciao pad!
here you can see the stock pad compared to the kinetic pad, which i had already mounted in this picture;

the kinetic one is probably a third bigger than my “large” vespa pad from my si that got saturated in gear oil. totally found another good thing about kinetics! can you believe it?
after mounting it, i got it all sanded and ready to use, and threw a new pedal sprocket on with fewer teeth for good measure.

it works awesome now! skid city!

i also fixed my flywheel fan for the last time, i hope!
i made a new spacer on the lathe, only this time i gave it a cheek for the fan to rest on. i pretty much re-created the same spacer from last time, but left it a super thin shelf for the back of the fan.

then i chucked the fan itself up in the lathe and turned out a step for the spacer’s shelf to fit into.

here they are side by side;

and put together;

poured on the 4000lb test glue and it works perfectly! no more fan falling into my expensive coils!

speaking of expensive coils, after installing the new set and putting the bike back together, i wasn’t getting any spark at all. took the bike all the way apart again to discover my coils were faulty. either they came that way, or i some how broke them while installing them.. at any rate, i thought i was up a creek.
after calling around to literally 20+ ktm dealers in my area, i finally found on that had one in stock! it ended up costing me a good deal more than the other coils, but the ones i got are true made-in-italy ktm50 coils, not after market knock-offs like the last two sets i had and broke. the actual ktm coils are way better quality and totally worth the extra money.

i put the new new coils in last night, cut and bent up a lever choke for my phbg so it would fit, and it fired right up. it was about 11p and i got yelled at by the neighbor, so i put it away for the night. i started in on tuning today and discovered i have an air leak at the intake plate i made, but i have a few ideas to fix that pretty easy. for the meanwhile, i’m going to be slapping on the black rtv and get to tuning!
she’s almost ready to rip!!

power hour
August 13, 2008, 12:49 pm
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so early last week we had a 90+ deg. day here in seattle, which means it probably got up to 3000+ deg. in my bed room. my computer melted down. 😦
i haven’t had a chance to assess the damage, i’m hoping it was only the video card.
this has made it difficult for me to keep you guys up to date. sorry!

ciaociao’s first start! sorry so dark, austin took that at 3am last thursday, the first day of the rally.
it made the first day! i was stoked.

however, i was plagued with problems. haha
about half way through the ride the clutch bell was billowing smoke. i have yet to tear into it to figure out why. my guess is that one of those malossi springs broke and i was dragging a pad the whole time.
also, i noticed the fan was ungluing itself from the spacer mikemike and i made for it.
the fan was just kind of pressed onto the spacer, and then glued.

the concept was perfect, just the execution was a little off. it fit perfectly.

and it worked great! but the glue was failing, so it’s time for something new. i think we will build another spacer like this one, but give it teeth around the out side, heat it up and press it into the fan. THEN i’ll go over it with some epoxy.

the plastic fan with the tiny rotor reaaaally made this thing rip.
you can kind of tell in the video above that the throttle response is amazing. with no weight on the crank, it would speed up and slow down super fast.. and the whole thing was super simple! well, again, the concept was simple, actually making it happen took some work.
first we made the stator plate and got the coil and everything bolted up. we used a timing light to time it.

then the fan/spacer combo slides down the shaft and rests on the rotor.

then the fan shroud gets bolted on and it’s ready to be put in the frame.

once in the frame, the variator is installed and the big nut smashes everything together.

also, as you can see, the carb fit right in there! it took some manipulation of the frame, and a razor blade to shave down a plastic phbg bowl in just the right spots, but it fits perfect.

so anyway, riding it. i had it jetted waaay too rich. anything past quarter throttle sounded like i was riding under water, it was four stroking so bad.
but it was fast.
man, when i found the sweet spot at 1/4 throttle, the fork would unload and off it went.. it was a little scary. i can’t wait to see what full throttle is like.. oh man.

after the smoky clutch and fan coming apart on me, i decided to put it away for the rest of the rally and to ride a less intense bike.
creature rally is in a month and a half. i was hoping to have this thing painted and finished by then, but i have some serious tuning to do before then, so we’ll see.
i need to jet it proper, need to drill out or find new weights for the variator (it was variating before the clutch would grab, yet would ride wheelies on command), make sure this clutch doesn’t blow up on me and get the fan issue tamed.
and hopefully get the fork finished and loose the heavy bravo forks.
and get the frame braced and welded up.
yay, mopeds are fun again!

carby carb
July 24, 2008, 1:08 am
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ok, i’ve been all over the place about my carb issues. this evening i committed to running the 21 phbg like originally planned. why? because it was the quick and easy, i have jets for it, and i love milling the fuck out of things, even if it’s a $150 chunk of aluminum carb body.
oooh, what?

what’s going on here?


yeah, i milled the spigot off the back of the carb! as well as a few hairs of material to make it flat and fit as close to the intake plate as possible. i’m tight for room!
you might also notice i milled the spot for the idle screw flat and installed a block off, and move the idle screw to the other side of the carb. i was going to do the same for the air mixture screw, but that’s more involved.. and i think i can get away with drilling a small hole in the fan shroud and be able to access that on the bike.
i could have just ordered up a right handed phbg, but i don’t have time for that shit.
here you can see where i milled the plate to hold the reed block;

all that’s left for the intake is to drill a couple holes in the carb it self, tap them, and drill a couple countersunk holes in the intake plate. make a gasket and bolt them together! done!
here you can see how nicely the intake plate matches up with the carb;

once i have it bolted solid to the plate, i’ll match them together even better and call it good.
i wish i had gotten pictures of milling on the carb, but i didn’t have my camera handy. oh well, i’m sure you can imagine how fun it was!
tomorrow i’m going to make the gasket, mark where the holes go on both the carb and intake plate and return it all to mikemike to let him finish it off. i think i may have to cut a little chunk out of the frame down at the bottom of the fender (not the actual fender it self, but the support below it) to clear the float bowl, but i’ll have to wait and see once i start putting it together.
ok, that’s enough for one night. it’s time for bed.